Updated on 10/7/14

Susie Grona - broke collar bone in a recent car accident - healing will take up to 6-8 weeks

Margaret Berzas - health; Jessica and family

Kathy Westberry's husband and family

Daphne Smith's family

Elizabeth Crook - father's health

Dirk Hill - pray for his role as the Pastor and caring for his congregation; school; 

Dirk and Laura Hill - family

Mark Grimes - health

Randy and Mica Baker - family; preparing to become grandparents

Tiffany Lloyd - health (recovering from accident); family; work

Patrick and Susie Grona - family

Judy Hellman and family - moved to Tyler; pray as they seek God in finding a house and pray for the whole family.

John Cagle - mother's health

Mark Irvin - job search

Billy Allen - going to court in regards to foster daughter - hopes to adopt her

Vann Hassell - 1) Pray for my brother. He is going through some hard stuff right now that I am not at liberty to disclose; 2) I passed my NIC Knowledge Exam this past Friday; 3)  I am swamped with homework and would appreciate prayers for energy.

NBDF - pray for us as we continue to invite people to NBDF and to reach those who need Jesus Christ

Family and Friends of NBDF members:

Willie and Evelyn Floerke - (friends of the Gronas) - their son, Billy has prostate cancer

Larry Gillette - (friends of the Gronas) - cancer

Vesta Sauter - IMB Missionary - health - PRAISE - MRI results came back great!!!

Rhonda McKinzie - health

Renee Ocker (Susie Grona's friend) Cancer has returned

Calvary Baptist Church - pray for their ministry to grow and financial situation







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